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Auto CAD Printers by HP

Auto CAD Printers by HP

Earlier, for printing of CAD drawing, analog XY plotters were used. Pen plotters were used to print, by moving the pen in right to left and up and down directions. Pen plotters can draw anything from complex line arts to simple graphics, including text. But these plotters were slow due to mechanical movements of the pen. These plotters were incapable of creating a solid region of color. Also the engineers and designers used to struggle to submit the drawings within the stipulated time. And so because of these drawbacks digital plotters were introduced. Digital plotters by HP are the best in the market. The autocad printers Raipur can be bought from any of the HP printer store or a retailer.

These desk jet printers in Raipur by HP are good in all terms. The print technology used in these printers is thermal inkjet. The ink types of these plotters are dye based and pigment based. With the help of these HP plotters you can print your documents into any of the media type like bond and coated paper, technical paper, clear matte, photographic paper and self-adhesives like polypropylene. Print languages that the desk jet printer Raipur is compatible with are HP PCL3 GUI and JPEG.  The auto cad printer in Raipur is affordable and offer great efficiency. These plotters would easily fit in your space as well as budget. These plotters don’t have complex control panels but are easy to use. These auto cad printers in Raipur can be connected to the network and can be operated from any of the computers or smartphone of the same network. It can also be given command through Wi-Fi connectivity.

Just like the plotters of HP are high-end devices their customer support is also incomparable and provides excellent services for these top end printers.  HP executives provide you with full installation assistance and extended warranties.  HP offers a complete portfolio of support services for auto cad printers in Raipur, to ensure that you are never on your own and the executives of HP are happy to help you 24/7.